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Internet Administrator for Microsoft ISA Server 2.6 Download Page

Internet Administrator for Microsoft ISA Server 2.6

Publisher's Description:

Internet Administrator for Microsoft ISA Server - Integrated solution which provides:

- all-round internet monitoring;

- incoming traffic, time and bandwidth control;

- access control to web sites, by protocols, time, queries, words, etc.;

- flexible and powerful content filtering;

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User License Agreement:

License agreement This document is the agreement between you, the end user, and the "Internet Administrator Company Ltd". By installing ...

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License agreement

This document is the agreement between you, the end user, and the "Internet Administrator Company Ltd". By installing a copy of "Internet Administrator" software on a computer, you agree that become be bound up positions of this agreement which also includes the limited warranty. If you do not agree with provisions of the agreement, immediately remove "Internet Administrator" from the computer, return software and other accompanying materials and hardware (if any) to the seller for a full refund. With a view of preservation and protection of the rights according to the law, "Internet Administrator Company Ltd" does not sell any rights with the software. On the other hand, "Internet Administrator Company Ltd" gives you the right to use the software according to the license.

1.1 "Owner of the license" - the company or person getting the right of use of «Internet Administrator» software in the network for satisfaction of internal needs for monitoring and management of Internet access.
1.2 "Software" - a copy of the «Internet Administrator» software , intended for work on a computer named by a server which provides access to the Internet to the user computers connected to a server. The software can comprise technological restrictions which interfere with use of the Software for work with the number of users exceeding the Activation Key and specified in given license agreement.
1.3 "License number of users" - number of simultaneously monitored users with which the Software works, and for each of which the Owner of the License has got the necessary license.

The License, the cost which is included into the full cost of the product which was paid by the Owner of the License, gives to the third party inexpressible right to use on not on an exclusive basis the given copy of the Software in the form of the objective compiled code within the limits of one local network under condition of satisfaction of provisions of this License Agreement. The software can be used for work with the License Number of Users specified in this agreement. The owner of the License can install the Software on one server inside a uniform local network.

This License Agreement is not the agreement on sale of the Software or any copy thereof. The "Internet Administrator Company Ltd" is the owner of all rights to the Software, and all its copies, including what does not possess technological restrictions, all copyrights, moral rights, rights to trademarks, the rights to commercial and technological secrets, irrespective of the form or the carrier. All trade marks and the names of products appearing on the Software or in materials accompanying it, are the property of the "Internet Administrator Company Ltd" or its suppliers. The owner of the License undertakes to never delete any inscriptions specifying the owners’, the author's or other rights.

This Software is protected by the international laws on protection of copyrights. Not authorized copying of the Software, including the Software which has been modified, incorporated or included into structure of other software, is forbidden. The owner of the License can be subject to lawsuit for infringements of laws on protection of copyrights, following the infringement of provisions of this License Agreement. Activation key specified in this License Agreement, is the property of the "Internet Administrator Company Ltd". You are obliged to store the Activation key in a reliable place and not pass it to the third parties. Deliberate or imprudent distribution of the Activation key given out to you also falls under not authorized copying of the Software and entails civil and criminal liability.

The Owner of the License can work with the number of users exceeding the License Number of Users, only after the payment of cost of additional licenses of the company "Internet Administrator Company Ltd". "Internet Administrator Company Ltd" can make the audit of use of the Software of the Owner of the License remotely or on the place of work of the Software in working hours for the establishment of conformity of use of the Software to this License Agreement. The account for the additional licenses used for work with number of users, exceeding License Number of Users will be exposed to the owner of the License, payment on which should be made within thirty days from the moment of invoice. The license automatically ceases to operate in case the Owner of the License does not pay in time the exposed account. The owner of the License cannot transfer a copy of the Software to the third parties. The owner of the License cannot change, adapt, translate into a foreign language, change the structure of the Software, disassemble, decompile or create new software products on the basis of the Software.

This Software is licensed only for the Owner of the License and cannot be transferred without preliminary reception of the written approval from "Internet Administrator Company Ltd". Any authorized transfer of the Software should correspond to provisions of this License Agreement. Under no circumstances the Owner of the License can lease, transfer in leasing, lend, time-share, sub-license, resale or uses the Software given License Agreement another, not stipulated and not resolved in an obvious kind in the image.

License Agreement is valid till the moment of cancellation. This License Agreement automatically becomes null and void without a notice from "Internet Administrator Company Ltd" if the Owner of the License does not satisfy a condition of this License Agreement and also in case the Owner of the License admits bankrupcy or is liquidated. After the end of action of the License Agreement the Owner of the License is obliged to destroy all copies of the Software, including any changed copies if such are available. After the end of action of the License Agreement from "Internet Administrator Company Ltd" will not follow any indemnification on account of payment by the Owner of the License of license deductions.

"Internet Administrator Company Ltd" can develop updated versions of the Software from time to time. "Internet Administrator Company Ltd" will make them accessible only to those Owners of the License who have paid for all used licenses.

License Agreement is made according to the laws of the Russian Federation.

"Internet Administrator Company Ltd" guarantees, that at the moment of Activation Key input, the Software, under the condition of its correct use, gives the functions described in the Software and in any documentation on the use of Software product. Except for the limited warranty the essence of which is stated in the previous offer, the Software, including all documentation on using, are given in accordance with the principle "AS IS" without any additional guarantee of any sense. Moreover, "Internet Administrator Company Ltd" does not guarantee and does not do any applications concerning the use, results of use of the Software, materials in printing by way of correctness, conformity of something, completeness, reliability, urgency or something. "Internet Administrator Company Ltd" DOES NOT GUARANTEE, THAT the SOFTWARE WILL INTERFERE with ACCESS To UNETHICAL OR AS A WHOLE to UNDESIRABLE MATERIALS And the OWNER of the LICENSE TESTIFIES, THAT the RESPONSIBILITY FOR PERFORMANCE of the GIVEN PROBLEMS LAYS EXCLUSIVELY ON the OWNER of the LICENSE. The owner of the License realizes all degree of the risk connected with operation of the Software. "Internet Administrator Company Ltd" DOES NOT GIVE ANY ADDITIONAL GUARANTEES EXPRESSED In the OBVIOUS OR IMPLICIT KIND, Including ON AVAILABILITY the WEB-SITE of "Internet Administrator Company Ltd". No oral or written applications or the advice given by the "Internet Administrator Company Ltd", dealers, distributors, agents or employees can make a guarantee or somehow expand the sphere of influence of this guarantee and the Owner of the License cannot, proceeding from it, rely on the information of a similar sort or advice.

Obligations of the "Internet Administrator Company Ltd", according to this warranty, are limited, at the choice of "Internet Administrator Company Ltd", to replacement or repair of the Software or a data carrier which do not satisfy to the provisions of this warranty, or monetary indemnification on account of the paid means for the Software with automatic cancellation of the License Agreement. The owner of the License undertakes to notify "Internet Administrator Company Ltd" within thirty (30) days after the moment of licensing of the Software on all defects to have an opportunity of replacement or reception of indemnification, designated in the previous offer. The SET forth above WAYS of INDEMNIFICATION (MONETARY INDEMNIFICATION And REPLACEMENT) are THE ONLY WAYS of PERFORMANCE BY "Internet Administrator Company Ltd" THE WARANNTY UNDER THIS LICENSE AGREEMENT. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES "Internet Administrator Company Ltd" EITHER ITS PARTNERS OR SUPPLIERS WILL be responsible FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, SPECIAL, CASUAL, ECONOMIC And OTHER KINDS of DAMAGE which has RESULTED FROM USE OR IMPOSSIBILITY of USE of the SOFTWARE, the USER DOCUMENTATION, And is equal TO OTHER KINDS of TECHNICAL SUPPORT. The POSSIBLE PREJUDICE ALSO INCLUDES the MISSED BENEFIT, BUSINESS PREJUDICE, the REPUTATION, GIVEN OR OTHER COMPUTER PROGRAMS, OTHER KINDS of the PREJUDICE HAVING the ATTITUDES To ACCESS To WRONGFUL OR UNETHICAL MATERIALS. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES OBLIGATIONS of "Internet Administrator Company Ltd", ITS PARTNERS And SUPPLIERS CAN EXCEED the SUM PAID by the OWNER of the LICENSE FOR the SOFTWARE In the MONEY VALUE. The owner of the License testifies, that the risk following from this License Agreement, reflects the real price of the Software, and also the fact, that, as well as with what purposes the Software is used, "Internet Administrator Company Ltd" does not enter into the competence.

You confirm, that having read through this License Agreement, you understand it completely and agree to carry out its provisions. You also agree, that the License Agreement is the complete and unique document confirming the agreement between two parties, and replaces all offers either oral or written agreements concluded earlier between the parties concerning the subject of this License Agreement.

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